April 11, 2021

It's NeoSoft Blog time. Welcome back! We have some big news to share with you all since the announcement of Nevira v5.

THE neosoft ✨b l o g ✨

Nevira gets discontinued...?

We have decided to discontinue Nevira v5 and scrap Nevira v6. We know this is depressing news (not for the gamercord devs though). But however, we used our big brains to make a plot twist to this news.

You see, v5 isn't the end of Nevira - it's only just the beginning. Hopefully.

As I was saying, we're proud to announce...

(drumroll please...)


...the new release of Nevira, which we're naming it Nevira Mountain again because I'm damn stupid and don't have an idea for naming the new releases anymore.

Yeah I found another picture of a mountain and slapped it in there and oversimplified the logo.

Just kidding (except for the logo part) - we're proud to announce NEVIRA X1!


Yes, you've heard it - Nevira X1. Our next major release of Nevira. We've reimagined Nevira completely for this release. And as the image says - we're planning to release it mid 2021. That's somewhere between May and August. Depends on how things go.

X1 vs V5 - the difference

Never knew we'd be comparing Nevira against Nevira. But here's the difference between the two releases.

By the way - we're comparing in development X1 with final V5. Things are subject to change.


Nevira (X1)

Nevira (V5)

Latest release

In development - N/A

5.1.0 (20210408)

Backend programming

Newer and better neoX1 engine with discord.py Cogs

Old neoHelper V4 engine. Natalia V1-like.

Basic commands (hi, dice)






Account system




Much better experience

not that good tbh but not bad


Much better experience




Lavalink and youtube-dl

Image manipulation




Logs only suspicious users after their consent

Same as X1.

Data access

Only authorised people have access to system data

Same as X1.


not even released yet lol

Frequently updated, timezone is CET





Selfhosted, currently in development.

Dedicated VPS




Command quantity



The differences may seem minor, but they're actually pretty big. They seem minor because we put them in a list rather than explaining every difference. So lemme do that now.

Complete rewrite with neoX1

*Not to be confused with Nevira X1.

You've heard of Nevira X1. Now it's time to announce the first ever neoEngine to be built for it - the neoX1.

Nevira X1 is rewritten from scratch - we rewrote the entire engine to create the neoX1 engine. The one we're using now in Nevira V5 is the neoHelper V4 engine - a really old engine we've used way before discord.py rewrite. The neoX1 engine is a more enhanced engine made to improve how you use Nevira, but also how we update Nevira.

With the neoHelper V4 engine, we had no method of grouping the commands at all. We continuously used triggers to make the bot run some code when a message starts with the command name.

Not with neoX1 though. Instead of us doing all of the processing work, discord.py does it now. We made use of cogs - basically command grouping. With cogs, we are able to work on the bot more efficiently than ever.

Also, neoX1 makes use of Python dict objects, so all of your data will be compact into way less files, saving us lots of time trying to help you get your NeoSoft Account back or performing tests for future updates.

neoX1 also includes all the good features the neoHelper V4 has - so everything good will be there. We plan on making neoX1 available for Natalia around early 2022.

Better economy

We've lacked quite a bit in economy commands. With Nevira X1, we're adding even more commands to make sure that's not the case.

With Nevira X1, you'll have fishing, gambling, and probably even more to make your grinding experience much better. We're also going to revamp the shop completely so it looks better.

We're also adding even more protection against Nevira robberies so robbers will automatically fail robbing you. The extra 10% protection for Premium users really does make a difference.

NGE on steroids - neoGaming

We gave some healthy lines of code to the NeoSoft Gaming engine - and that caused a pretty cool effect. During the process, we saw NGE be asleep for weeks straight, but don't worry, they were just asleep, not unconscious. (Are they the same thing? I don't know.)

After that, when it woke up, neoGaming was created.

This new engine is much better than the previous generation NGE. It makes use of gacha systems, adds special attacks, and improves your gaming experience on Nevira X1.

We're also bringing the beloved Rescue Tube Battle mode back - but with a twist. It's now called Zone Finder. We'll tell you what it is some day later.

rip youtube-dl music

We got rid of youtube-dl music because it's shady and we don't like shady things. But don't worry - this does not affect your privacy.

Even more commands

When we look at our competitors, we think "what do they have that we don't?"

And the answer every time was: command quantity.

Our competitors had features that Nevira also has, but they seemed to have mass produced those technologies by creating lots of commands with those features.

Therefore, we're going to mass produce our technologies too. Nevira X1 will have more commands than V4 - such as image manipulation, economy and fun commands.

neoX1 release dates

Nevira X1 marks a new beginning to Nevira, and also the rest of NeoSoft bots. Here's a list of when this new engine is planned to be added to our bots!


Scheduled release date

Available since

neoX1 type

With version


Mid 2021

July 18, 2021 (Beta)


X1 (Nevira 6.0.0)



April 12, 2021




Discontinued - N/A



Discontinued at v7 - no neoX1 support


Once it releases




neoX1 vs neoX1c - the difference

As shown above, we are planning to use two different variants of neoX1 - neoX1 and neoX1c. These two differ quite a bit, so we're going to show how they are different.

neoX1 is made for high-grade bots like Nevira, while neoX1c is made for low-grade bots like SnakeB. neoX1 includes all of the features NeoSoft can offer, while neoX1c only provides core functionality. We are making a more advanced version of neoX1c though - the neoX1c+. neoX1c+ will have all of the features neoX1c has, however with music.

We're also going to slap in the neoHelper v4 engine into the comparison as well, since we want to show how neoX1 is better.




neoHelper v4 engine

Created for


Lower-grade bots

All bots

discord.py Cog support




neoHelper utilities support




NeoSoft Account support




Uses Python dicts for user data




User blacklisting








Antispam support




Music support


Yes (neoX1c+)


Bug fixing simplicity




Update without rebooting








Release date

Mid 2021

Late 2021

April 2020

We're discontinuing Nevira V5 so we can put all of our efforts on completing the first release of Nevrira X1 and neoX1. We hope you'll like it!

The future of Nevira releases

Yes, we're naming the next Nevira release Nevira X2. We're planning to use the neoX1 engine for Nevira X2 and X3 - however a more advanced version of it. We'll be using a new engine for Nevira X4.

no april fools day joke?!!!1

was too lazy to make one. i have a life i deserve some rest too

Testers program reopening soon

After Nevira v5 stable release was released, the Testers program remained silent. No testing happened as there were no more betas to test.

However, with Nevira X1 on its way, we are reopening the Testers program soon so people can test the bot. We're doing this a bit differently this time around though - here's how.

As we are planning to release Nevira X1 somewhere around mid 2021, which is probably around May till August, we are planning to release the Testers beta by this month. This might be, and most likely too short for the complete version of Nevira X1 to be ready for testing. So this year, we're dividing the program into three parts.

Phase 1: Core functionality

No, we are not using neoX1c or neoX1c+ for this phase.

Nevira X1 will be released with all of its core features, which will only include commands and features seen on Nevira V5. This phase is made to test if the new neoX1 engine works or not, so we can make necessary changes before the actual release.

Update on May 11: neoX1 core functionality is working as intended and no bugs were reported during the Developer Beta phase. Testers beta will be released during Phase 2.

Phase 2: Feature updates

As phase 1 commences, we will be working on creating the new features announced for Nevira X1. We will be rewriting some commands, adding new features and enhancing existing commands to make them better.

During this phase, the Nevira Testers Beta will most likely have the most bugs out of all three phases.

This is the phase we are currently in, as of July 28, 2021. We are almost done with this phase. Once we add neoGaming and more commands to Nevira X1, this phase will be complete.

Phase 3: Polishing

We will be asking Testers for any improvements we should make to the bot, such as improving responses for commands and adding commands. During this phase, all, if not most bugs will be patched out, and will most likely experience the least bugs out of all three phases.

nevira had a big party

yeah she was really hyped with the x1 update and had a big party where she invited as many friends and family members as she could. (snakeb included)

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