April 20, 2020

Welcome to today's post for the NeoSoft Blog!

it's 4/20!!!1

Yes - it's the meme number. 6/9 when aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Meanwhile, here in Europe, the meme number was displayed in the date for an entire month since we read it as dd/mm/yy.

What's new

Here's a list of what we have worked on recently.

Things we worked on for Nevira

  • We made profile cards look like this (and yes, that was generated using the script we used for the profile cards):

noice 👌
  • The server count went up to 63 only, not a lot compared to a week ago but hey at least we're still certain that Nevira is gonna get 75 before the 7th of October

And here's what we're working on for v4.1.1:

  • A crowbar which increases the chance of robbing from 10% to 40% with the cost of 50000 coins and a 50% chance of breaking if you fail to rob

  • A premium subscription feature (possibly 300 diamonds per month or something)

Things we are planning to add to Natalia and Amelia

Due to lots of features being planned for Nevira (which takes long to program), we were unable to update our other bots Natalia and Amelia as frequently as Nevira. Here's what we're planning to add to Natalia

  • Moderation (settings synced with Nevira)

  • NeoSoft Account Support (read-only)

Dev applications are still open!

Yes - you can become a NeoSoft developer as long as you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and you have filled out the application form here.

aight concluding time

is this even a blog though?! anyways keep up that hand washing and wear your masks, good thing we are an online community and don't work at one location

If you need support for our products - we're always there in our Discord server!

ok i have officially ran out of ideas of what to write here