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Plan change to music shutdown
We're keeping today's one fairly short.
UPDATE 21.9.2021: We have got rid of music as the Novus library does not support it. We are unaware if we will bring it back in the future.
A few days ago, I announced that Nevira Music will be shutting down. After reconsidering, I thought this wasn't really necessary, so I'm announcing the plan change to the shutdown.
Also Groovy shut down recently so let's take a moment to pray for the fallen legend.

Why we're continuing Music

When I announced the shutdown 4 days ago, it was in reaction to Groovy's shutdown. I decided to follow its path and be a responsible developer and shut Music down. However, after reconsideration, I came to the conclusion that this wasn't necessary.
After remembering that Nevira Music had URL playing capabilities, I decided to limit Nevira Music to URLs instead of allowing YouTube and SoundCloud links, as allowing these services could result in C&Ds, which is why I decided to shut down Nevira Music as allowing these services could put me in risk of legal issues.
And by putting my nv!viruscheck knowledge into play, I can make the attachment music file be played instead of an URL.
Therefore, we're happy to announce that Nevira Music is back (with a catch)!

What was the point of the shutdown then?

Because I didn't realise this earlier, resulting in me deciding to shut down Nevira Music.

How can I play YouTube content then?

We know YouTube links probably account for ≥99% of the links used in Nevira Music. It will be a pain in the butt for most people by limiting such services, but it's the best we can do.
If you somehow manage to have the file for the music you want to play, we recommend you make the bot play this.

What's changing?

    Nevira, SnakeB and Natalia will not have music removed,
    Heroku/Europe node will be restarted,
    YouTube support will be dropped by October,
    SoundCloud support will be dropped by Mid September,
    Music will be locked to audio URLs only (not YouTube, SoundCloud, etc URLs), and
    You will be able to upload music that will be played.

What changed?

As of 21. September 2021,
    Music on SnakeB and Natalia is now functional again,
    Heroku/Europe node has restarted operation,
    You are now able to upload music that will be played, and
    Using YouTube/SoundCloud will now show a warning,
    Music has been disabled completely due to Novus incompatibility.


NeoSoft holds absolutely no responsibility for any legal issues caused by the content played using the Nevira Music player. Should any legal issues occur, you are fully responsible for these issues and are responsible for resolving such issues. You agree to hold responsibility, and should you not wish to hold responsibility for such possible issues, please stop using Nevira Music.
A modified version of this disclaimer is present in the Terms of Service.
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