Privacy Policy


Because privacy is a fundamental human right, we store as least data as possible. We believe in a world where data should be stored only when needed.

Welcome to our services! This Privacy Policy document ("Policy") is an agreement between NeoSoft ("Staff", "us", "our" or "we") and the client ("User", "you" or "your") on data we collect by you using our services. By joining our communities or/and using our services ("Services", "products"), you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Policy.

We reserve the right to update the Policy for reasons which includes, but not limited to, complying with the law or the Terms of Service for APIs we use, or reflecting to updates of the services. If the updates to the Policy in some way affects how we collect and use your data, you will be notified prior to the change. Continuing the use of our services will confirm that you have agreed to the modifications of the Policy document unless stated otherwise. If you do not agree to this Policy, we will remove your data and terminate use from our services.

The data collected may be different from the ones listed in the Policy, but all types of data collected by out services will be listed.

TL;DR: Your privacy is important, but we may have to collect some data. If you use our services, you mark yourself okay with this.

Data we collect

We believe in a world where data collected from services is used to combat abuse and present the correct data, not for commercial purposes where data is sold. Therefore, we try to collect as minimal data as possible, while enforcing safety and trust. By using our services, we may collect data from you, as further described below.

We currently do not collect any data when non-bot services are used.

Data you provide to us

You provide us the following data when using our services:

  • Your NeoSoft Account ("Account") username and password, when creating a NeoSoft Account

  • Your email address, when contacting us via email

Data we automatically collect

We collect the following data when you use our services:

  • Your Discord ID, if you use a Discord bot service

  • The guild's ID, if the bot needs to save data related to the guild the service was used on

  • The channel's ID, if the bot needs to save data related to the guild and the channel the service was used on

  • The message content, if the Discord bot service runs into an unhandled error

  • The voice channel you are connected in, if you use music commands

TL;DR: These are the types of data we collect. Do we even need a TLDR for this?

How we use your data

We use the data to identify you in our services so you can be presented with the correct data when required. Also, if you provide us information to create a NeoSoft Account, we will provide you access to functions of the bot that requires an Account. We may distribute data collected for unhandled exceptions to our partners for reasons such as fixing bugs.

Here is the data we automatically collect, but with the purpose listed for every individual piece of data collected:

  • Your Discord ID: This data is used to store and identify user-specific data.

  • The guild's ID: This data is used to store and identify guild-specific data.

  • The channel's ID: This data is used to store and identify channel-specific data.

  • Your command usage: This data is used to prevent violations of our Terms. We require this data, so we can determine a Terms of Service violation. Takes effect only if you are not deemed trustworthy that the NeoSoft Team decides that your use of our services shall be supervised.

  • The message content: This data is used to combat possible issues with the system if the system detects an unhandled error. This data is saved anonymously.

  • The voice channel you are connected in: This data is used to store voice channel specific data, if you use youtube-dl for music. This data is stored as a variable, and is destroyed upon disconnecting the bot from the voice channel, or when the bot is rebooted.

If you wish to opt out from user data being collected upon an unhandled exception, you are allowed to run nv!optout to opt out without any effect on how you can use the services. This system is opt-in, and you will not be opted in to such program without your consent.

TL;DR: We use the data we collect from you to store and display your public data correctly. We also do this to combat bad users. You can opt in to a program we do to combat errors, but you can always opt out, and you always will be unless you decide to opt-in.

Underage users

The services of NeoSoft is only available for ages 13 and older, as disclosed in the Terms of Service document in order to comply with the law. Upon discovery that a user is under the legal age required to use the Services, we block the user's access from the Services. If you are a parent of a user under 13 and believe that the user has provided any information that is personal, please contact us immediately at our Discord server or send a direct message to a NeoSoft staff member in Discord immediately.

TL;DR: We don't allow underage users for a reason. If you are a parent, and we stored something we shouldn't have about your child, tell us immediatedly so we can get rid of it from our servers.