Terms of Service

Last update: 10th November 2020. We'll provide TLDRs for the lazy people.


Welcome to our services! This Terms of Service ("Terms") is a legal agreement between NeoSoft ("Staff", "us", "our" or "we") and the client ("User", "you" or "your"). By joining our communities or/and using our services ("products"), you confirm that you are i) at least 13 years old of age when using NeoSoft services, ii) have read and agreed to the Terms of the platform the service(s) are hosted in and iii) had read and agreed to the NeoSoft Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to update these Terms for reasons which includes, but not limited to, complying with the law or the Terms of the services that our services are hosted in, or reflecting to updates of the services. If the updates to the Terms in some way affects the usage of our services, you will be notified prior to the change. Continuing the use of our services will confirm that you have agreed to the modifications of the terms of service document unless stated otherwise. Failure to comply with these terms will result in a termination of the services.

TL;DR: This is basically introducing you to the terms of service document. Comply to the Terms to use our services.

Rights of usage

NeoSoft services provides software such as Discord bots. These Services are made for audiences in ages 13 and above. By using the service(s) you may be allowed to use features such as running commands of our Discord bots or creating accounts. In your compliance with the Terms, you will be granted a license to use the services for noncommercial personal uses, unless allowed otherwise. As a client of the services, you agree not to, or attempt to i) use the service in a way that is against the Terms, ii) copy, modify, adapt or treat services in a way that violates copyright unless stated otherwise by the developer, (which includes, but is not limited to, using NeoSoft software for your own software after renaming the software name from its original way or copying closed source software) and iii) make any content about NeoSoft and its bots that is defamatory, threatening, hateful, abusive or inappropriate for users between the age of 13 and 18.

We reserve the right to update or discontinue, either temporarily or permanently, any parts of the services without prior notice. We reserve the rights to suspend access to our services for any reason, which includes, but is not limited to a violations of the Terms. If the client violates the terms of service, we reserve the rights to issue the client a warning, terminate access from accounts of the services that the used service is hosted in or terminate any accounts you have created to use parts of the services. You agree that we will not provide any prior notice to a warning or a termination unless stated otherwise.

NeoSoft software and Services are provided "as-is" without warranty of any kind. By using our software or Services, you agree that you take any responsibility on actions performed on the software or Service, and that we are not responsible for any data loss.

TL;DR: Don't be an annoying piece of crap when using our services, also we can do whatever we want with our services (excluding doing bad things to it). Also we don't provide warranty for any data loss due to whatever you do with your account. No Nevira R34 content either. Do that and we won't be happy with you.


As the client, you are responsible for your account credentials and any activity that has occurred throughout the account on the services. Upon using a part of the service that requires an account, you will be asked to either create an account or log in to an existing account. When creating an account, you will be prompted to provide a username and a password.

By creating an account you agree that the information provided does not violate the Terms in any way. You agree that you are only allowed to create one account per client unless allowed otherwise. If we find an alternative account, or automated accounts, we will suspend the accounts without prior notice. We reserve the rights to modify any credentials of your account for any reason with or without any prior notice. You understand that other clients may have similar usernames as your account's username provided when your account was created. You are responsible of maintaining your account's credentials confidential, and agree to notify a staff member as soon as possible if you notice or suspect that your credentials have been compromised. We are not responsible for any negative activities on your account.

TL;DR: Your account is your responsibility, if it gets terminated because it has been hacked or something you take responsibility for it, not us. You were responsible for taking care of your account, right?

Data and Privacy

By using the services, you agree that you have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy document. You reserve the rights to modify your data in a way that does not violate the Terms anyhow and request a deletion of your data from our systems. We reserve the rights to modify or delete your data from our systems with or without any prior notice for any reasons such as, but not limited to a termination of use.

TL;DR: You're okay with us collecting some data, and you should modify your data for our services in a way that is not annoying to us.


By using the service, you agree to receive communications sent by us digitally such as via private messages, emails or notifications displayed on the service. We will only send you any private messages or emails that are necessary, such as but not limited to updates of the services that only affect you.

You can use the service to make communications to other members with features such as real-time communication. We reserve the right to restrict access to communication features in the service with or without prior notice for any reason such as, but not limited to sending spam or malfunctions of the service's communication functions.

You agree that any communication sent to us or to other clients throughout the service will i) not violate the Terms in any way, ii) include malicious content such as viruses and iii) not include any spam or promotional content.

TL;DR: We're allowed to send you important updates that only affect you, also don't be bad when you're communicating to others with our services.

Usage of commands

As a client of a bot ("Discord bot") service, you reserve the right to use the commands ("Commands", "Features", "Functions") or view or modify your data. You agree that i) you will use the commands in a way that does not violate the Terms anyhow and ii) you will modify the data in a way that does not violate the Terms. We reserve the rights to terminate access to certain commands without prior notice for any reason such as, but not limited to data manipulation.

TL;DR: When using our Discord bots don't be a dick, unless you want us to get rid of your NeoSoft Account, or even terminate your access to the entire bot.

Acceptable use

The services that we offer includes features that allow you to interact with the service in a way that allows you to interact with other clients of the service. We may terminate your access to the services without any prior notice, for any reason. NeoSoft is not responsible for any activity done via the services that may be considered as a violation of the Guidelines both intentional and unintentional. By using our services, you agree that you will comply to the regulations listed in the Terms and the Guidelines document. If you believe that your access to the Services were terminated wrongfully, you are welcome to ask a staff member to allow you access. In the event that you were terminated from accessing our Services due to being underage, you are required to submit identification to a staff member to validate your age, if you wish to appeal.

TL;DR: Follow the rules or get the ban :itsreporttime: